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Arty’s Sculpture Trail takes you on a journey through

Eastbrookend Country Park, letting you immerse yourself in

Turtle Arty’s Eastbrookend adventures.

We have been lucky enough to work with Gareth Winn, Ranger Team Leader for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and his team at Eastbrookend, to

bring Arty’s Sculpture Trail to life.

Our latest story Arty's Eastbrookend Adventures was created alongside the trail.

Are you ready to embark on a journey with Turtle Arty? Meet Robin Rue, Fox Lisa, the other characters, while you enjoy the beautiful landscape along your way.

Visit Eastbrookend Country Park, enjoy the trail and share your Arty inspired Eastbrookend experience with us #artyssculpturetrail


Making The Most Of Your Visit

Address: Eastbrookend Country Park, The Chase, Dagenham,
Romford, RM7 OSS.

Parking: Free at the time of writing.
Our Main Aim: To bring you joy and let you step into a magical
world of your imagination, get engaged with your kids and
discover the beauty of connection to nature.
Free Activities: Follow the trail starting with Robin Rue’s
sculpture next to the Discovery Centre. Alongside each
beautifully carved sculpture, there is a map on a plaque with
a stanza connected to the character and a rubbing to collect.
You can bring your own note pad and a crayon to collect the
Top Tip: Make your adventure more immersive and collect a
map or one of the activity packs from the Discovery Centre.
All activities are tested by kids and fairly priced to reflect the
love, care and materials invested in their creation and to ensure
maximum enjoyment and fun. Read the welcome page in the
activity book and start your journey with Robin Rue’s sculpture.
Shhh… Top Secret Information: For an extra bit of magic,
you can have your very own special ‘A-Stone’ charged up with
the characters attributes. This will be displayed on the plaque
next to each sculpture, to encourage and inspire you when you
need it most. Find a stone, decorate it with the letter ‘A’ and
any others special to your drawings. Alternatively, you can pick
up the one we’ve made specially for you in Arty’s Activity Pack,
available at the Discovery Centre.

Creative Collaboration

Bringing the story, characters and sculpture trail to life was
an adventure in itself. In a true tale of local collaboration,
community spirit and creativity, formidable talents such as
illustrator Alexandra Starsczewska and chainsaw sculptor
Raymond Wirick worked with us. Our thanks also to designers
Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing and Vasilia Dimitrova as
well as Kemi Awonubi-Oloyede at Sew London Project, Kelly Rosevear at Eastbrookend Tea Room, printers WTTB and Pen to Print.

pic. left to right Irina Goncherenko, Raymond Wirick, Gareth Winn and Liliana Hristova

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-23 at 6.58.05 PM (1).jpeg

Enjoy Arty's Sculpture Trail Virtual Tour

Special thanks to Drone Services for creating this virtual Arty's Sculpture Trail Tour video!

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